Three days to finding and signing repeat customers from social media

Cultivating Customers Challenge

It’s true, small businesses can sustain themselves on word of mouth for the first year or two.

But what if I told you that you could do more than just sustain your business - that you can make a killer profit and connect with customers on social you couldn’t find in real life?

Well, I teach you how to find and SIGN new, ideal customers on social media in my FREE three-day challenge.

It's going down on Sept 23-25 on IG/FB Live at 3 PM EST and in your INBOX!

Trust me, there are way more customers that will be obsessed with your business’s product out there than you ever imagined. How will we get them in? By getting them hooked on your content. I’ve been helping small businesses build an engaged community of repeat customers for six years, and I’m sharing my secrets with you.

After three days, you will…

Get clear on whom your speaking to and ultimately selling to online

Learn how to write killer content that engages and sells

Learn how to convert your conversations to sales with your customers online

How does it all break down?

Day 1:

I will guide you into getting clearer on who your ideal customer is so you can make content that they will be attracted to.

How to Find your Ideal Client on Social Media

How to Write Content that Makes Your Ideal Client Buy From You

Day 2:

I will walk you through all the key elements to writing content that engages and converts, so you can tailor your content to your ideal customer’s needs.

3 Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make When Finding & Selling to their Audience on Social

I will share the top 3 mistakes business owners make on social when growing their following and converting followers to clients so you can avoid that in your business.

Day 3:

Actual picture of you using all of these awesome tools to get the word out about your business to your ideal customers!

Ready to de-crystallize the confusing mammoth that is social media? Ready to learn proven methods that will have you not only get comfortable with social media but comfortable SELLING your product? Ready to connect with your local audience and beyond - and grow an engaged following organically?

I can't wait to see you on the 23rd!