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Do you have any of those old social media profiles that you gave up on?

Maybe you were going to be the next famous travel blogger, but only ended up going to one out-of-state trip.

Maybe you were going to be the next Kelly Clarkson, but you only uploaded two covers on YouTube.

Maybe you wanted to be an affordable lifestyle blogger with your two friends (oh, just me?)


Well, now you're a business owner. And this business isn't another lost endeavor. It's for REAL this time. So, your social media strategy for your business should be treated as such.


But it feels like you've exhausted all of your efforts. You're done with all of the cold calls for your business. You've exhausted your personal connections. You're so exhausted from spinning your wheels, you're too tired to properly come up with a strategy that will give you what you want.

It doesn't have to be like this, boo. You can sell out all of your offers, and get consistent buyers all from social media.


You can ATTRACT the right audience members to your profile and convert them into paying customers with ease. 

You CAN take control of your social media and make content that your community wants and needs, you can finally set up a system to write it that isn’t stressful, saves you time, and gets killer engagement.

How can you, though??

The Social Sales Cultivation Academy

Are you a female entrepreneur who is tired of throwing content out on social media, hoping it sticks, and not making any sales from it?


→ Social media for your business feels completely foreign. You have no idea how to leverage it to convert followers to customers.

→ You're currently throwing up random posts when you have a spare moment. You're unclear on what direction you need to go on social media (What's a strategy??).

→ When you do try to write posts ahead of time, you get completely stuck and end up throwing out crappy content that never feels like you.

→ You're not confident about what your personal brand is and how it can help you have a monetized social media presence.

→ You still have no idea where your ideal customer hangs out on social media, and if you're even where they are. 

→ You are tired of guessing how to grow your Instagram account, and think the "algorithm" is out to get you.

→ You are sick and tired of spinning your wheels, working 24/7 on social media, putting everything you have out there, and not hearing ANYTHING!

This program will help you build a consistent & killer social media strategy that will attract & convert your ideal buyers - all while being support by a tight-knight group of female entrepreneurs. 

Let's fast-forward 3 months. Imagine...

✓ Feeling clear on who your dream client is and how you can speak to them in your posts.

✓ Feeling so confident when posting and going on stories because you have a plan.

✓ Knowing exactly where to find your ideal client on social media and stop worrying if they'll find you.

✓ Feeling confident with all of the useful features social media has to offer.

✓ Not having anxiety over what to post anymore, and what to say in a post

✓ Organically growing an audience of ideal clients.

✓ Feeling confident enough to show up on video (live and stories) with ease.

✓ Knowing how to seamlessly incorporating your own personal brand on social media.

✓ Never feeling salesy when promoting your products or services, but still getting inquiries from social media. 

✓ Falling in love with social media, knowing your strategy works, and that you are making a HUGE IMPACT + making BANK!

What are people saying about it?

Nikki is extremely knowledgable in social media and marketing. I can tell she has a lot of true and diverse experience. One of the things I value most about Nikki's teachings is it focuses on creating content that will provide value and connection building to build an engaged audience. I've only been working with her for 3 weeks and I already have more confidence and direction on how to reach my target client, speak to their pain points and build my business foundations. She goes above and beyond each week to help me learn and implement what we discussed. I'm so grateful I made the investment and can't wait to see where I'm at after the remainder of our coaching!

- Courtney M

How will I convert my audience?

By learning:

  • How to get super clear on whom you want to target, and how to target them

  • How to find out what your target market wants to hear on social media, and how to write content that attracts them

  • How to display a strong personal brand on social media that your ideal clients will be attracted to

  • How to get confident enough to show up on stories and live streams regularly

  • Not only how to make great content, but how to organize it all with a strategy and systems in place

  • How to launch an offer or product that your ideal client needs yesterday - all through social media

  • How to keep track of your growth through analytics

  • Sales tips from outside experts when it comes to launching

What am I signing up for?

  • A 10-week Group Coaching Program

  • 30-minute training Live in a Facebook group on Mondays

  • Action steps every week

  • Group and 1:1 critique/advice on your weekly work

  • Weekly Q&A call

  • Access to me for private consulting the entire time via Voxer messaging

What is the total value you will receive inside the program?


What’s the actual price you will pay?
$400 for the premier round


If you're ready to start cultivating CONSISTENT CLIENTS from social media, then GRAB one of the TWO remaining spots!


When do we begin?

Monday, January 6th

When is the final cutoff?

Doors close December 15th.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, payment plans are available.

How many spots are available?

Only 1 spot left!

Who is this for?

This is for any female entrepreneur who is ready to get consistent clients from social media and their current strategy isn't working. She is ready to do the WORK in a GROUP setting!

How do I apply?

Click the button BELOW!

So... let's make this official already! I can't wait to make waves with you.