Cultivating your Brand...

is my mission.

Hey there! I'm Nikki Vergakes, a social media manager and coach. My whole life I have been chasing community both on and off the screen. I began with AOL chatrooms and HTML-heavy blogs in my childhood, and have turned this interest into a passion-driven business that gives entrepreneurs the confidence with social media to grow their following organically and effectively.

This passion for creating great communication programs stemmed from a love of writing. I attended college with the intention of studying journalism, but learned that Public Relations was where the community and creativity was. I came out of college with two PR internships, one in-house and one at an agency, and worked as a social media manager for three years. I found my fire when I was researching, planning, posting and analyzing social media content.

So, after six years of professional experience, I started Cultivated Content. I was tired of daydreaming of the days I would wake up to my dream of working for myself and building successful social media presences for small businesses.

I created Cultivated Content because I saw too many small businesses not investing in themselves and their digital presence - and it showing. But I know that often small and female-owned businesses do not have the resources to invest in themselves, and they’re not taught the importance of it. I want to help female entrepreneurs stop settling and build the empires they always have dreamed of, deep down. I scaled my services to include coaching so that the barrier of entry to having a successful social media presence is lessened. I am on a mission to empower female entrepreneurs and small business owners to be confident with social media, so they can grow their business and social media presence. 

When I'm not working on communication strategies, I’m spreading the word about a new eatery or thinking of a new recipe on my own blog. I'm also probably unwinding with a good TV show, movie, YouTube Channel, or podcast. You might also find me attempting to “yes and” the moment at improv or stand up comedy show in Providence, RI.