I get it. You want to develop a killer social media presence for your wellness or food brand. YOUR presence as a business owner is so key to your business. It's how you've built your client list up so far in your first year of startup.


You know you get to the next level, and that the next level includes finding ideal, repeat customers on social media. You have the time, energy and passion to tell your own story on social media - no problem. I mean, your business is your passion. You can talk it up all day. Helping others and giving free value comes second nature to you.


What you don't have time for? That annoying trial and error. You want to hit the ground running on social media. You don't have time to try Pinterest then realize Instagram is where you're supposed to be. You don't have time to research a bunch of vegan influencers then realize that your product is more suited to a gluten-free audience. You also don't have time to take in allll of the free trainings and resources out there with no accountability.

So, what do you do? You don't need a social media manager, you need a social media COACH who will give you all of the tools and value, walk you through the necessary work and serve as a guide and sounding board throughout your journey.

8-Month 1:1 Coaching Package

Tentative Itinerary*

  • Week 1: Ideal client + profile optimization

  • Week 2: Competitor analysis/market research

  • Week 3: Brand identity + brand awareness

  • Week 4: Content writing 

  • Week 5: Content planning 

  • Week 6: Engaging (local + current customers)

  • Week 7: Master video (live, IGTV, IG stories)

  • Week 8: Analytics

* This is a sample itinerary. You may already be confident in one or more of these areas. In that case, we can swap out one topic for another. There's so much to cover in the world of social media!

You will gain clarity on who your ideal audience is, what your brand voice and visuals are, and what your competitors are doing.

You will acquire the confidence to write content that speaks to them and converts and to show up as a thought leader and representative of your business.

You will know the tools you need and how to use them.

You will learn methods to reach your ideal audience and convert them into repeat customers.

How can I help you?

Whether something sticks out to you or not, chances are, you are struggling with one or two pain points in your businesses' social media and digital marketing. Please apply below so we can work out a strategy that will give you clarity AND time back in your day, help you achieve your goals and earn an engaged audience of repeat customers around your brand.