• Nikki Vergakes

ThisIsSand for Anxiety

Here's a situation that happens all too often for me (almost daily). I'm sitting at my work, talking to my coworker and I'm ever-aware of all of the things going on around me. I am simultaneously present on and off of the screen. I can see my coworkers surrounding me in person, chatting. I can also see the e-mails roll into my inbox as well as texts roll in on my phone.

Perhaps all of these messages that I'm receiving are asking something of me. A friend wants to see if I'm available for post-work drinks. I get an e-mail from a client looking for a report. My coworker is asking me for some advice. My boss asks me if I can help them with a project. All of these things are doable for me, but the nature of them getting thrown my way all at once makes them all seem overwhelming.

The timeline in which I received all of these messages might even make me less likely to perform the tasks asked of me. Living with anxiety makes day to day tasks seem like mountains, when they could be mole hills. It makes you question every word you type, every word you say, every move you make.

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In times like these, I find myself succumbing to anxiety and either ignoring messages or saying no. I know that I'm allowed to say no when my plate is too full, but these are tasks that I can perform. I usually resort to just scrolling on my phone mindlessly. During the last appointment that I had with my therapist, she recommended some apps that would help with anxiety. One that stuck out to me that would help me during these moments was "ThisIsSand".

The app is a relaxing art app in which you can create "sand" designs using your finger on the touch screen. You can choose any color you'd like, and premium features include a "color shifter" and the ability to turn a photo into sand.

Here's an example of something that you can make on the app. If you don't have a physical fidget spinner or stress ball, then this may suffice. I find that in times of high stress and anxiety, I just need something else to focus on that's mindless. I usually turn to mindless TV or music, but I'm excited to try this as well.

My therapist also suggested other apps like Calm and Headspace. What apps do you recommend for relaxation?