• Nikki Vergakes


Updated: Aug 15, 2018

Tomorrow is now, when you're a Girlboss.

Being a girlboss is a major topic of discussion right now, especially with the #MeToo movement and feminism in general. Although I do find some problem with the actual word "girlboss", because it sounds like when women become bosses they can't just be bosses, they have it have a cute name tied to it, and that a girlboss is a lesser version a  boss or "manboss"? There's also the whole gender binary and stereotyping thing - but hey, that's a whole other post.

We have a girlboss in all of us. Rather, we are all bosses. Some of our potential is more evident, some of us need to dig a little deeper to tap into our girlboss potential. I do think that the notion is a great move towards gender equality, and that it inspired women to step out of the comfort zone that society has taught them. I can personally attest that as women, we're taught to not bother people and to put others in front of ourselves. Sometimes the best self care are small habits that we can pick up to put ourselves first. I put some easy, tangible girlboss "moves" that we can start practicing NOW to eventually reach out girlboss goals!

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1. Time for a meeting doesn't work? Move it

Don't rearrange your schedule so that's you're all over the place when the time for the meeting comes. You'll be more productive if you take the step to ask to reschedule a meeting that you just can't make.

2. Saying no

GUILTY! Whether it's a new work project, someone asking you to transform your income with their multilevel marketing scheme or someone asking you to take their EP on the street - you can say no. A great way to say no is "I need a minute to think about it".

3. Saying yes

Alternatively, we can talk ourselves out of really great opportunities. It's better to just give it a try then miss out. 

4. Asking for help

Asking for help can be seen as a sign of weakness, and that's probably by people are less likely to do it. Not giving a crap about what people think is a girlboss move in itself. Don't care about what people think about you - asking for help can help the job get done quicker.

5. Going places alone

Loving yourself is a girlboss move. Love yourself enough to take yourself out on dates  - or attend a professional networking event alone.

6. Putting your phone away

Even people always on the move need to take a break from it all. Take a minute or so a day to just be with yourself.

7. Staying OUT

I struggle with FOMO and YOLO. I'm actually a huge proponent on going out and having a fun time while you can - that's why I reserve my Saturdays and Sundays (or at least one of those days) for "something frivolous" as my middle school principal would say. 

I need to take my own advice on these way more. What's a girlboss move you've made lately?

This post originally ran on the Millennial Who's Good at Nothing.