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1:1 Coaching Program

Are you a female entrepreneur who is tired of throwing content out on social media, hoping it sticks, and not making any sales from it?

→ Social media for your business feels completely foreign. You have no idea how to leverage it to convert followers to customers.

→ You're currently throwing up random posts when you have a spare moment. You're unclear on what direction you need to go on social media (What's a strategy??).

→ When you do try to write posts ahead of time, you get completely stuck and end up throwing out crappy content that never feels like you.

You're not confident about what your personal brand is and how it can help you have a monetized social media presence.

You still have no idea where your ideal customer hangs out on social media, and if you're even where they are. 

→ You are tired of guessing how to grow your Instagram account, and think the "algorithm" is out to get you.

→ You are sick and tired of spinning your wheels, working 24/7 on social media, putting everything you have out there, and not hearing ANYTHING!


Let's fast-forward 2 months. Imagine... 

✓ Feeling clear on who your dream client is and how you can speak to them in your posts.

✓ Feeling so confident when posting and going on stories because you have a plan.

✓ Knowing exactly where to find your ideal client on social media and stop worrying if they'll find you.

✓ Feeling confident with all of the useful features social media has to offer.

✓ Not having anxiety over what to post anymore.

✓ Organically growing an audience of ideal clients.

✓ Feeling confident enough to show up on video (live and stories) with ease.

✓ Knowing how to seamlessly incorporating your own personal brand on social media.

✓ Never feeling salesy when promoting your products or services, but still getting inquiries from social media. 

✓ Falling in love with social media, knowing your strategy works, and that you are making a HUGE IMPACT + making BANK!


Introducing 1:1 Social Media Coaching

This 8-week 1:1 program will give you the tools, accountability, and transformation your business needs to get off the ground on social media and have a profitable presence that consistently converts so you can finally make the money you dream of.


I'm coming at ya from Providence, Rhode Island (USA). I grew up in Massachusetts (those who know me roll their eyes when I say it was basically New Hampshire) and I went to college in WITCH CITY, Salem, MA, where the witch trials happened! 


I am a social media manager and coach for female entrepreneurs who are learning social media and want to cultivate an engaged community of repeat customers through it.


When I’m not obsessing over all things social media you can catch me running, cooking, or writing/watching stand up comedy!


Hi there! I’m Nikki!

What exactly will I get?

✓ Free discovery call so I can learn more about your business and goals.

✓ 60-minute ZOOM call one time per week for 8 weeks where we will strategize a customized plan for your business on social media and I will teach you how to use it effectively.

✓ Access to me in Voxer 24/7 to ask questions and celebrate your wins.

✓ Weekly actionable items to implement in your business.

✓ A content calendar template for you to use monthly and a month's worth of content for your profiles after our 8 weeks is up

✓ 50 niche hashtags to help your presence grow (and the knowledge on how to find them)

✓ And so much more!

Not convinced yet? Meet Claire:

Claire approached me with an idea for a greeting card business that was made with 100% recycled materials and were all custom. I LOVED her enthusiasm - her passion for the environment and helping people make MEMORIES through her products was clear. I couldn't wait to get my grubby little hands all over her social media marketing for her business. The thing, though, was that she hadn't had a personal social media presence besides sharing articles on Facebook. She barely knew how to use social media - let alone sell on it.

So, what did we do? I started off as her social media manager. We built out her Instagram page with the branding we wanted, I took a library of photos and gathered stories to match the handmade cards. I was doing this as a favor for her on the side of my grueling 9-5 job. (Ironically enough, this launch is a year out from me starting that old job and the launch of her page)!

Over time, she became more and more interested in the nitty-gritty of my work. My role switched eventually from a management to a coaching one, and I taught her the importance of a personal brand, systems to make social media management easier, and the tools and tactics to properly sell her products on Instagram.

We built a brand around upcycling scraps into memories and even started a branded hashtag #savedfromalandfill. Claire went from barely knowing what a hashtag was, to not only having her own but also having her own living, breathing document of relevant hashtags that she picks from and adds up to 30 per post. Her organic engagement shows it. Her feed also reflects it - she takes product shots like a pro now and adds a cohesive green tint to every picture to stay #onbrand.

She was able to work with major influencers in communities her work directly supported. She has connected with her local community for multiple collaborations. Most importantly, she now has a clientele list of repeat customers that come to her for every holiday now. 

Do you want to have wins like Claire? Apply to work 1:1 with me



When do we start?

Doors close on October 11, so we begin on Monday, November 4th!

What happens after I make the investment?

I will send you a questionnaire making sure we are clear on where you're at,  your goals, and a little bit about each other. You will sign the contract and receive the invoice and make sure you have Zoom and Voxer. I will conduct a preliminary audit of your social media channel before our discussion. We will set up our first call as well!

Who is this for?

This is for female entrepreneurs who newer in using social media for your business and who wants to find and sign clients from their social media presence. This is someone who has the time and energy to be dedicated to their transformation.

Who is this not for?

This is not for someone proficient in social media, who has clients sliding into their DMs with ease. This is also not for someone who is not ready to put in the work.


What if I can't get in this round?

I still recommend you get on a discovery call for this round and talk it out! If you truly can't I'm happy to put you on the waitlist, but keep in mind the prices will go up next round! 

So... let's make this official already! I can't wait to make waves with you.