Thank you for your interest in my services! Below you will find post examples from each of my current clients, some past clients, and their wins.

  • Created a content strategy and calendar

    • Gave client clarity on their target market and brand presence​. Allowed them to post more, and actually promote their events with enough time to get the word out to the local community. 

  • Saved them time on social media tasks, so they could focus on their business

  • Boosted their engagement by 20% in the first week

  • Blogger, manages their engagement

  • Went from average 50 comments a post in August to 200 avg per post

  • Gained 150 new followers in a month

  • Achieved a 10% engagement rate

  • Built Instagram from the ground up. Established brand colors, theme, and personality

  • Connected with ideal audience who now buys from them for every holiday they need a card for

  • Worked with major influencers

  • Managed the Facebook & LinkedIn for last 9-5

  • Connected with employees and local stakeholders on social media

  • Increased follower count by 400

  • Sustained a 3% engagement rate for all posts

This is, of course, a small snapshot of my work. If you'd like to see something specific, just contact me. Thank you!