4-Month Business Coaching

Are you ready to hit your stride?

Are you building your dream business?

How do you feel when you think about where your next sale is coming from?

If you immediately got that rare kind of sweat that only builds up in your palm... then keep reading!

Does this sound like you?

→ You've been in business for less than a year and have tried to mash together all of the marketing advice you've gotten, but have no idea how to implement it

→ You still haven't earned consistent clients monthly. You don't know where your next sale is coming from.

→You feel like you're constantly falling behind in your business

→ You've been copying what seems to be working for others, but it isn't working for you 

→ If someone asked you what makes YOU and YOUR business unique, you'd have no idea what to say

→ You feel like you're all over the place with your business. You have no idea how to streamline

→ You have an idea of where to start, or what you want to do, and you need a fire lit under your booty! 



Let's fast-forward 4 months. Imagine... 

Taking a breath, even SMILING, when thinking of your business because you...

βœ“ You're building a business of your dreams, on your terms

βœ“ Have a strong personal brand that attracts ideal clients

βœ“ Are effectively targeting your ideal clients

βœ“ You're showing up consistently on social media

βœ“ Know exactly how you are going to sell out your programs online with a sales + content strategy

βœ“ Being super aligned with your offers & pricing

βœ“ Never feeling salesy when promoting your products or services, but still getting inquiries 

βœ“ Taking what you learn to SCALE your business SUSTAINABLY (having a plan for what's next)


Sooooo basically, imagine going from a spread way too thin with nothing to show, to being an aligned & abundant individual.

Introducing 4-Month Business Coaching

What is 1:1 coaching with me like? Give me four months and I will co-create a business and marketing plan with you that will build a business that you love and fills you with joy. Stop trying to be everyone else and doing all of the things. Let's get you on the right track NOW so you can get those consistent income months, and keep them up. Let's get you closer to or retire you from your 9-5!


I connect with you on a deep and personal level so I can better serve you and get to know your business better. I will guide you through practices like journaling to pull out your personal brand, and auditing your business as it is, and lots of research. We will create some killer, attainable goals, then figure out how to reach them (Strategy). I am NOT a coach that sits on a call with you and tells you what to do. I CO-CREATE your strategy with you. That doesn't mean I won't challenge you and hold you accountable, though.


We build this through 16 60-minute calls via Zoom weekly where we will co-create your strategy and work through issues, full access to my endless suite of worksheets and spreadsheets that we will use in coaching, my eyes reviewing your work, and 24/7 access to me via the app Voxer for continued support and to share your wins!

The 4-Month Model

First, we will set goals and track them. Then, through research and journaling, we will get clear on your personal brand and strategic offer suite.

Month 1

Month 2

Here, we will co-create your online presence and you will learn what goes into a marketing strategy - including how to engage with and convert leads, how to market your offers and where your lead pools are. You will also start posting consistently to build up a warm audience!

Month 3

Before we launch we make sure that your business foundations are set, you even have a vision of the future of your business (your next quarter planned), and your systems work for YOU. Then, we plan your "launch"!

Month 4

I support you in your launch - with anything that may come up and celebrate your wins, of course. We then make sure you're maximizing that hype in the next phase of your business, you know what you're doing next and that you're prepared to do it!

Hi there! I’m Nikki!

I’m Nikki, a Marketing and Business Coach currently ruling over, I mean living in East Providence, Rhode Island, USA. I wasn’t born in this tiny state, however, I was born and raised in the medium-sized state of Massachusetts. It’s the land of Harvard, Clam Chowdahhh, and hating the Yankees (don’t worry - I’m truly indifferent)


I knew I would always end up doing something more creative field when I was growing up. I always got good marks in Creative Writing and my parents would get me toys that emulated DJ boards and radio broadcaster sets. When I entered college, I was always trying to learn more and mentor anyone who would listen. I started on the maze that lead me to the corporate PR world: college radio, NCAA cross country, marketing internships at anywhere that would take me (like local museums and restaurants), and leading the Public Relations Student Society of America chapter. On my second PR job at a healthcare nonprofit, the mental and physical toll of being stuck in a corporate box got to me, I finally took the measured leap of being a full-time freelance social media manager after talking about it for YEARS. A few months into that, I got called to coaching, and have never looked back.


When I'm not working on online businerss strategies, I’m spreading the word about a new eatery or thinking of a new recipe on my own blog. I'm also probably unwinding with a good TV show, movie, YouTube Channel, or podcast. 

What do they have to say?



What happens after I make the investment?

I will send you a questionnaire making sure we are clear on where you're at,  your goals, and a little bit about each other. You will sign the contract and receive the invoice and make sure you have Zoom and Voxer. We will then set up our first call as well!


Who is this for?

This is for a healer or coach who is less than 1 year into business and is done with fluff courses and cookie-cutter strategies. They are ready to hit consistent income in their business and finally feel like their head is above water!


Who is this not for?

This is not for someone who already has their business foundations set up and is hitting above $5K months consistently. This is also not for someone who is not ready to put in the work.


What if I can't get in this round?

I still recommend you get on a discovery call for this round and talk it out! If you truly can't, I'm happy to put you on the waitlist, but keep in mind the prices will go up next round!


What's the investment?

This is a four-figure investment with reasonable, 3-figure payment plan options! 



So... let's make this official already! Let's co-create a strategy together: