90-Day Marketing Coaching

Hey there, #wellpreneur... 

Let me ask you a question...

How do you feel when you think about marketing for your business?

If you immediately got that rare kind of sweat that only builds up in your palm... then keep reading!

Does this sound like you?

→ You've tried to mash together all of the marketing advice you've gotten, but have no idea how to implement it

→ You've been copying what seems to be working for others, but it isn't working for you 

→ If someone asked you what makes YOU and YOUR business unique, you'd have no idea what to say

→ You feel like you're all over the place with your marketing. You have no idea how to streamline

→ You have an idea of where to start, or what you want to do, and you need a fire lit under your booty! You're seriously lacking accountability

→ You're burnt out from doing anything and everything

→ You're not signing clients consistently from your online presence

→ You don't know what to post, where, and when!



Let's fast-forward 3 months. Imagine... 

Taking a breath, even SMILING, when thinking of your online presence because you...

βœ“ Have a strong personal brand that attracts ideal clients

βœ“ Are effectively targeting your ideal clients

βœ“ Being known for what lights you up amongst industry leaders & ideal clients

βœ“ Know exactly how you are going to sell out your programs online with a sales + content strategy

βœ“ Being super aligned with your offers & pricing

βœ“ Never feeling salesy when promoting your products or services, but still getting inquiries 

βœ“ Taking what you learn to SCALE your business SUSTAINABLY (having a plan for what's next)


Sooooo basically, imagine going from a spread way too thin with nothing to show, to being an aligned & abundant individual.

Introducing 90-Day Marketing & Business Coaching

What is 1:1 coaching with me like? Give me three months and I will co-create a holistic marketing strategy with you that will give you confidence in your online presence, consistent sales and time back in your day. I connect with you on a deep and personal level so I can better serve you and get to know your business better. In the beginning, I will guide you through practices like journaling to pull out your personal brand, and auditing your business as it is (neutrally). We will create some killer, attainable goals, then figure out how to reach them (Strategy). I am NOT a coach that sits on a call with you and tells you what to do. I CO-CREATE your strategy with you. That doesn't mean I won't challenge you and hold you accountable, though.


We build this through 12 45-minute calls via Zoom weekly where we will co-create your strategy and work through issues, and 24/7 access to me via the app Voxer for continued support and to share your wins! I also have tons of worksheets and content calendars to share with you!

The AAA Method






Now, let's get into the nitty gritty of your marketing and sales strategy. We will cover co-create holistic and sustainable content and sales strategies.

Month 1 includes both the "dreaming" (research and brainstorming) phase necessary so we can figure out what marketing strategy will work for you. 

You will put that strategy into ACTION and I will support you through it! Then, we will plan your future world domination (next 3 months).







Hi there! I’m Nikki!

I'm Nikki Vergakes, a social media manager and marketing coach. My whole life I have been chasing community both on and off the screen. I began with AOL chatrooms and HTML-heavy blogs in my childhood, and have turned this interest into a passion-driven business that gives wellpreneurs the tools and confidence to sign consistent clients online.


This passion for creating great communication programs stemmed from a love of writing. I attended college with the intention of studying journalism, but learned that Public Relations was where the community and creativity was. I came out of college with two PR internships, one in-house and one at an agency, and worked as a social media manager for three years. I found my fire when I was researching, planning, posting and analyzing social media content.


So, after six years of professional experience, I started Cultivated Content. I was tired of daydreaming of the days I would wake up to my dream of working for myself and building successful social media presences for small businesses.


I want to help female entrepreneurs stop settling and build the empires they always have dreamed of, deep down. I scaled my services to include coaching so that the barrier of entry to having a successful online presence is lessened. I am on a mission to empower my audience to be confident with social media, so they can grow their business and social media presence. 


When I'm not working on communication strategies, I’m spreading the word about a new eatery or thinking of a new recipe on my own blog. I'm also probably unwinding with a good TV show, movie, YouTube Channel, or podcast. 

Meet Jacqueline:

"I worked with Nikki to assess my current strategy and plan for the future. I was completely blown away with how organized and prepared she was: with research on my presence as well as calendars for me to fill out to plan content. She made the process far more comfortable than I could imagine! Having it all laid out like that really helped! I 100% recommended working with Nikki."


When do we start?

As early as Monday, February 10th!


What happens after I make the investment?

I will send you a questionnaire making sure we are clear on where you're at,  your goals, and a little bit about each other. You will sign the contract and receive the invoice and make sure you have Zoom and Voxer. We will then set up our first call as well!


Who is this for?

This is for a wellness entrepreneur who has tried various strategies and is fed up with nothing working. They are ready to do the work on their ends, implement a strategy and stick to it, grow and scale. 


Who is this not for?

This is not for someone proficient in marketing, who has clients sliding into their DMs with ease. This is also not for someone who is not ready to put in the work.


What if I can't get in this round?

I still recommend you get on a discovery call for this round and talk it out! If you truly can't I'm happy to put you on the waitlist, but keep in mind the prices will go up next round! 



So... let's make this official already! Let's co-create a strategy together: